AMAneo Mouse Adapter for iOS, Android, PC and/or Mac!


AMAneo Mouse Adapters facilitate expert control over iOS, PC and Mac products — using virtually ANY type of input device including mice, trackballs, joysticks, switches and sensors! Interface with your devices, filter for tremor, adjust for ticks, and more at the touch of a button.


Connect virtually ANY input device (mouse, switch, sensor, joystick, etc) to virtually any tablet or computer using AMAneo USB and AMAneo BTi (Bluetooth). AMAneo USB is a wired adapter that works with PC & Mac devices.  AMAneo BTi was designed to interface seamlessly with Apple iOS devices but can be used equally well on Android, PC and Apple Computers.

Tremor Filter — Adjust for shaky hands due to tremor from Parkinson’s Disease and other physical and neurological conditions. A variable setting enables customized use for many hours of comfortable and accurate control over pointing, clicking, scrolling, dragging, dwell & click and more.

Click Timer — Further customize use with a click-delay and auto-click settings.

Two Switch Input Jacks — Connect one or two switches for switch training and/or everyday use. AMAneo automatically recognizes the switches and adjusts the mouse functions (left/right click, etc.) to match. No further settings necessary.  Use switches for device control on their own, or for left/right click in combination with a mouse or other input device.

Fully Integrated AssistiveTouch Menu — Access all of the options and functionality of the iOS AssistiveTouch Menu using your input device of choice. (AMAneo BTi only.)

AMAneo USB Features:

  • Works with PC, Mac & Android (wired connection)
  • Tactile (on-unit) tremor filter & click timer
  • 2 switch input jacks

AMAneo BTi Features:

  • Everything in AMAneo USB, plus…
  • 20 hour battery life (charges via micro USB)
  • Bluetooth — Works with iOS devices!