6dot Electronic Braille Label Maker


The 6dot Braille Label Maker is designed to be simple and convenient for people with all levels of visual acuity. The built-in Perkins-style keyboard is great for people who are blind themselves, and tactile vibration alerts make labeling a breeze for people who are blind or Deaf-Blind.  Of course, there is a USB port and QWERTY keyboard included for people who are sighted or simply prefer a standard keyboard.

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The 6dot Braille Label Maker is a high-quality portable embosser that’s shaped little like a kidney bean. There are six large Braille keys on the top of the device. The Braille keys are well placed to allow for easy two-handed typing with a spacebar located below the keys, ideal to be pressed with either thumb. Three function keys are position just above the spacebar and in between the Braille keys. There is a good tactile on/off button located on the right-side of the Braille Label Maker. The printed Braille label emerges from the top left of the device.

Use the 6dot Braille Labeler to:

  • Label & identify food products in your pantry
  • Braille-ify beloved family heirloom story books
  • Label items in a classroom for early Braille learners
  • Ensure safe and easy medication identification
  • Quickly ID credit and debit cards in your wallet
  • Wrap around charging cords so you always know which goes where
  • So much more!!!

Feature Highlights:

  • Powered embossing – high-quality Braille, more accurate reading and a longer life span
  • Supports all grades of Braille – in virtually every language
  • Tactile vibration – to alert user that a label is embossed and ready
  • Automatic scoring and cutting – effortlessly clean labels without the need for scissors
  • Dual power options – AC/DC adapters or battery power, use wherever you need it without looking for an outlet
  • Uses standard 3/8 inch DYMO tape – easy to source, top quality and durability

Package Includes:

  • Braille Label Maker
  • Power Adapter
  • 10 Rolls of DYMO Embossing tape
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • USB Adapter for Keyboard
  • 1-Year Warranty & 100% U.S. based Support!